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- The Endeavour Chronicles -

Rigil Kent's excellent alternative to the Star Trek: Enterprise finale, "These are the Voyages...", and a continuation of the story from there that charges into the Earth/Romulan War.

Also on this site, Divergent Paths, another alternate continuity Enterprise story, this time set during ENT's second season sometime after the episode "Dead Stop". It finds Commanders T'Pol and Tucker trapped on a pre-warp planet as it erupts into a nuclear world war.
- Ex Astris Scientia -

Bernd Schneider's excellent and extensive Star Trek site, which has everything from ship lists and images to articles and episode reviews.

Also host to a fan fiction site and several other fan project sites, such as The Journal of Applied Treknology and the Advanced Starship Design Bureau.
- Westward -

A sci-fi/alternate history web comic that follows the adventures of Earth's first space ship capable of interstellar travel, Westward, and her crew. A serial adventure/drama, it is updated daily, with an archive going back to its start in January 2010.
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