SciFi-Online actually started life as TrekOnline, but with declining interest and membership falling off, it was decided that limiting the site to just Star Trek fan projects was no longer viable. Now expanded to include all science fiction, SciFi-Online is a hub for any science fiction project, whether based on an existing franchise or an original project.

Initially, TrekOnline was limited to "Virtual Series," which basically meant an episodic television show that was written in script format and "aired" online. This is somewhat limiting, as there are plenty of other good stories out there in other formats, including traditional prose. Shortly before the transition to SciFi-Online, several prose series were included, and a fan fiction archive was added. Unfortunately, over time the original members have drifted away and are no longer a part of SciFi-Online, though a few of them have had their works added to the archive at The Guardian of Forever. Needless to say, the traditions TrekOnline started will be continued by SciFi-Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "virtual series"?
A "virtual series" is basically the internet version of a television show. There are episodes, usually written in script format, and these are usually released on a regular schedule. There are virtual series written in prose format, such as SciFi-Online partner Star Trek: Endeavour, though these tend to be written by a single author, and the scripted variety is usually done as a collaborative effort, with two or more people forming a staff.

How can I join SciFi-Online?
Head on over to the "Hosting" page for full details. Basically you just sign up at the forum and make your pitch in the right forum.

How can I partner my site with SciFi-Online?
The same way you would request hosting at SciFi-Online, really. Just register yourself an account on the SciFi-Online discussion board and post a thread with a pitch in the General Site Discussion Forum. There is already at least one example of such a thread, so check it out if you're not sure how to make a pitch.

What's the difference between being a Partner Site and being a Member Site?
The only real difference is that Partner Sites have their own hosting and domain name and are maintained separately from SciFi-Online. Becoming a Member Site means that your website is actually hosted by ScFi-Online, and that it will have a domain name which reflects this, i.e. http://startrekfoundations.scifi-online.org/. See the "Hosting" page for more details.

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