Which brings me to the entire point of SciFi-Online – hosting. While there are other fan fiction websites like FanFiction.Net, the advantage of a hub site like SciFi-Online is that it groups several fan projects together which are related somehow, in this case the science fiction genre. So someone who is interested in one of the projects here might expand out and explore the other projects as well.

Another advantage of becoming a SciFi-Online member is cost. Hosting is never free. It's true, there are sites which say they offer free hosting, but these are filled with ads and can also have annoying pop-ups. SciFi-Online is ad-free, and won't cost a lot of money. How much does it cost? That will mostly depend on the type of project you want to host. For a collaborative "virtual series" project like Star Trek: Foundations, it would cost $40 per year. For a smaller prose project, it would only cost $20 per year. However, the first year of hosting would be free, as a kind of trail period to see if your project will work out.

Membership not only gets you web space, but it also gets you a public forum on the SciFi-Online messageboard, and a private development forum for any projects that need it. Membership also gives you a say in how SciFi-Online is run. Any issues that come up can be voted on. Also, as a member you could vote on whether a project can join SciFi-Online or not.

SciFi-Online is pretty open and will give almost anyone a chance. The catch is you have to show that you are already well in to your conceptual stage. The exact requirements will be decided by the SciFi-Online members, but the bare minimum will be to have a writer's bible of some kind and a plan for the first season of your series if you are planning on starting a "virtual series" type project. It would also help if you already had one or more people already volunteering to help you on virtual series. For prose projects, there would be similar requirements in that you'd have to have a plan of some kind for your project that goes beyond the basic concept.

How To Join

The SciFi-Online staff and members will deliberate on your pitch and decide if you can join. A response will be posted in your pitch thread and we will let you know how to proceed from there.

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